Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rated B

And there you have it. Lindsay Lohan in the buck. I'm sorry, but, I call BS on anyone that hasn't wondered about what this little ladies boobies look like bare. And the fact that they are real, makes it even more of a sight for sore eyes.

I'm the first to admit that I'm all about the buck. I have posed nude, and I don't feel that has lessened me. People may see it that way because of their own reasons, but I think a woman body is beautiful, There's nothing sexier than a woman that is comfortable with her body. Behind closed doors or as a form of art or any form, for that matter.

Yes, the poor little lady has dealt with her issues. We ALL have. The difference is that her problems are for the world to see. We "normal" people have our own demons and issues but it's not on the 6' o'clock news.

One of my favorite models EVER, Helena Christensen, was a lot of the time, nude in her modeling career. But yet no one saw that as a shocker.

Why is this any different?

Sharon Stone graces us with her famous "Beave" shot,..
and she's still one of the most famous actresses of our time. 

 And while researching for this very blog posting, I came across Katie-Louise Ford blog and found this beautiful picture..and fell in love with her blog. 

Can you even imagine the tiff that nudity caused back in the early 1900's?  In the world of porn at your finger tips and the fact that it's so easy to see now these days, and housewives are now taking pole dancing stripper classes as a way to exercises and (lets face it) to spice up their personal sexual relationships. You would think it wouldn't be as taboo, right? 

The word Taboo always reminds me of that perfume I wore in the 80's....Any who...

People will judge. Have opinions. Look down on you. Call you a HUSSY. But their curious eyes will still look. It's in our human nature. You can't deny, male or female, we look and are curious about the buck.

 In the end the only thing that matters is how you feel in a turtleneck, or in a long elegant dress, or in a swimsuit OR...
In The Buck, Chuck!
And most importantly..
how you feel within YOU.

When I had my dark hair and bangs. Yup. 
This picture won some award a couple of years ago. I'm still very proud of this shot.
Mostly because this was not an easy pose to try and pull off 10 min into the pose. 

I've been called "Too free"as a way of putting me down. 
Just yesterday someone said that I rocked because "I own myself"

You can't please everyone.
So, you gotta please yourself.

I won't judge those who don't run around like naked flower children from the 60's. So therefor, let's not judge the people who's nature is to run around with nothing but that flower in their hair.



  1. Tiffany Nicole BennettDecember 10, 2011 at 7:31 AM

    You are quite the writer Miss Barby. FabUlous piece!

  2. Such strange double standards exist in our society. Men are praised for and empowered by promiscuity and pimp-daddy ways but when a woman desires to flaunt what mother nature gave her, i.e. showing her lovely boobies she is frowned upon. I think there is nothing more intelligent than a woman owning her sexuality and proving that while her breasts might indeed be filled with silicon, her 'head' is full of far more than 'air.'

  3. I couldn't agree more. There is still something that is so judged the moment you decided to pose nude. I don't get it. He have Playboys laying all over the back room at my work, and I'm always flipping through them and commenting on how pretty the gals are. Men do it all the time, and other women are the worst when it comes to the judging and name calling.
    Which is really sad.

    I lost a very good friend a couple of years ago over the fact that I knew that she didn't really like who I was. I know now it was just because me comfortable with my sexuality really made her uncomfortable. Only because she uncomfortable with her own. The friendship had to end because my best friends are all openminded and are all cool, fun, silly flower children ;)

  4. Amen, once again love this and everything else you have to say!

  5. I think you are a beautiful lady and I love your blog. I also totally agree that its sad when woman can't learn to love their body and their curves. A womans body is amazing and it has taken me a long time to finally be comforatble in my own skin. Its a great feeling. However, I have to disagree with that making it okay to display pornography. It has ruined countless marriages of some dear friends and almost split up my close relationship. Many would say that's not a womans fault, the man just shouldn't look. However there is just too much research to support that pornography is a chemical addiction. I want to be naked all the time for my husband! And even take fun picrures. :) Im just not sure that I like other woman posing nude for my husband to see. Thats not to say tho that I believe a woman that does is evil or that I hate woman that pose for things like playboy. I just wish that society would think twice. Thanks for your thoughtful posts tho!