Saturday, November 26, 2011

Lykke Li

Lykke Li was one of the many artist I came across during the glorious Myspace days. Some of my favorite bands/artist that I have built a relationship with over the years were discovered on that very website that now, is only around to provide music pages for artist and to poke fun of, or in my case, to reminisce about how great and fun those cyber years were. 

Lykke was an easy one to fall in love with. Not only is her music magical, and at the time I had never heard anything like hers, but the combination of her lovely voice and her style made me fall in love. She's beautiful and unique, and I want to steal ALL of her wardrobe. She's a true bad ass. She still hasn't made it to Salt Lake for a concert, but when she does, I will surely be there. 

This video really hit close to home. 
 For all of us who wish to have this moment with our fathers.
Proving that beautiful and unique women, have had sad blessings.

 Her dress................... 
I must have.

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