Monday, October 3, 2011


Then I thought..

 'Who would be Batman?'

I mean, Robin is kind of a wuss, and I know I'm not the one that would let some man take over the show. I like pants. Then it really brought up some questions in my head...

What happens when the woman wants to be the Batman?

Do men get intimidate by women who don't want to sit back in the red and green, gold caped outfit? I think by nature men want to lead and protect and want a sidekick with well groomed hair and a pair of leather gloves (they still want us to be sexy/naughty, of course.)

Now, we live in a time where the Batman costumes are a little more stretched out in the bust area and the yellow belt also doubles as a place to store your lip gloss and roll-on perfume.

BUT I have to admit...
being Robin makes a lot sense sometimes!
And let's face it...
 I would totally rock those green booties.

I also think these would be fun sound effect to make during a scuffle..
 under sheets!

Holy semantic load, Batman!


  1. … well – if you PERSONALLY are going to be Batman - the obvious FIRST problem is the effect that this will have on Commissioner Gordon. Presently he is pretty good about making sure that the BatBeacon only goes off when there is some ne’er-do-well villain in need of a good Bat-whuppin. Once you start showing up in a skin tight BatSuit, he is going start changing the criteria for lighting up that distress signal. It will likely start out moving to minor emergencies (serving cease and desist letters to Brewvie’s when they play naughty movies and serve beer?), and then will probably devolve to him wanting you to show up any time he’s been watching late night Skinemax and had one too many bourbons. Before you know it you and he will be doing Pasty Patrols at Trails and Southern… and then the Crime Boom will REALLY explode. Just sayin…

  2. Love it!! I think I will make those sounds effects, just to see what happens. Could be fun!

  3. Hahahahaa! Anonymous, WHAT? Good lord.

    CharmedChica, I want an update on how the sound effect pan out ;)

  4. Alright ... guilty (of being lame) as charged. I had read a number of your blog posts, but never responded to a blog post before, so had no handle to use... no more Anonymous, I promise.