Wednesday, September 28, 2011

NYC Recap.

Ok, so I was in New York City this weekend for my Birthday/Get me out of Utah - Trip.

I spent the weekend with my BFF (Ashley) and my Ex-boyfriends- Ex- Girlfriend (Kate) who happens to be one of my favorite people and one of my best lady friends. 

(Click HERE to get the whole story and stuff.)

And then later, looking back on the picture of us..
 Kate pointed out her boner. 
Which, was clearly above average. 

We shopped.
And watched a man make inappropriate shaped balloons things.

Ate some of my favorite NYC food.

Saw some pretty things.

Heard some pretty things.

Caused some pretty hilarious things...

I ran into the guy I met the night before examining this poor helpless lads throat. Now, I didn't do this because I liked him, I did it because I found him to be quite judgy and a huge pompous ass. And let's face it, I've been dealing with my own pompous ass judgy guy in my own personal life, so this one just got the built up fire. So, after he saw me and didn't politely say hello, instead started to whisper to the table about me, like I couldn't hear..I looked at my gals my pals and said "Watch this"...

I walked over, straight faced and all (ACTION) and I said [His name] and with a very angry look on my face, asked him why he didn't call after the night we shared last night, after he said it was special, and how could he be such a liar? The tables face looked like I just whipped out a penis and slapped everyone of them in the face with it. I walked back to the table where I finally broke character and giggled. I did how ever notice that the girl he was with looked mortified, so being the cool chick that I think I can be (at times) I walked back over there again and explained that I was just playing a joke on the little asshole who was so so judgy.


He jumps in and says "So, we didn't have sex last night?" and I said "No, of course not" then he said "Now YOU'RE the liar."....Then I looked like I got slapped in the face with the penis. This pompous ASS one upped me and turned the tables on MY own sick joke.

 Bravo, pompous Ass! 

I just made sure to yell "THIS AIN'T YO BABY [His name], THIS AIN'T YO BABY." when they were leaving the bar.

In other words, it was was fun and eventful weekend. 
Back home to reality.
Where I have to pick more fight in order to keep the interesting things on this blog.


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  1. Hey. I came across your blog and noticed the post about a trip with Ash. Love that girl. Anyways, looks like you ladies had a lot of fun. You all are beautiful!