Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Let's Talk

Ok, so I find it so interesting that people come on here and take time out of their day to leave mean comments. As a human with feelings, I think to myself 'What did I ever do to you? I just come on here to talk about fun things, play good music and show off my face' :D

Then I remember that all haters are jealous people. I can't control the toxic feeling of jealousy (which my Mom always said it will eat you alive and ruin you) and really don't have the time to.

So let's address the things that people think are mean things to say to try and hurt me.

1. I am a dancer (stripper, titty dancer, erotic dancer, whore) whatever you want to call it. I have been dancing for 10 years off and on but mostly on. If you judge me? Then I won't take it personally, good chance I'm not the only one you're judging. I love the people I work with and love the money and the freedom that allows me to be a free bird. I clock in and out and pay taxes. At times hate going to work...just like you.

2. My relationships don't last years, TRUE! I date and I will continue until I find someone or I just throw in the towel and get a bunch of cats or become a Lesbian. Yes, breakups are hard and they do make people sad (hence the human thing) and I have been sad over my breakups...just like you.

3. I'm not fake (besides my double D's and my weave, which both I LOVE) I am a very loving person but at times have a very bad tempter that scares people (it's in my blood) but over all my heart is good and I just want happiness for myself and everyone, really. I am who I am. I like who I am. I am blessed to be who I am. I'm a mother (a single one), I have done a good job and it has been hard and rewarding. I'm not raising a close minded person. He has 2 parents who are a little crazy, play in bands, have tattoo's. At times make mistakes....just like you.

Now, if you have anything else to say to me, email me and stop leaving comments. Show some character. Let's be real around this world. Ya dig?



  1. love this !!
    i hate it when the haters come on the blog world.
    ive gotten some really nasty anonymous comments on my blog before... i dare them to say any of it to my face. jealous cowards.

  2. Personally, I don't know that you can negotiate with haters. Stranger Hater's have one of three goals:

    1) To provoke a reaction ( in 6th grade I would throw the dodgeball at the girls I thought were cute - So naturally they all hated me when I was finally old enough to date. True story ).

    2) To use you as a proxy to fight a battle with someone else (i.e. their parents or spouse or hairy boy scout leader). A battle that they know they can never really win.

    3) Because they're bored with their own life.

    Way to not let it get to you. It's just part of being popular.

  3. This is so good and so true (true to yourself as well)

    I don't get it either. The Sir on top said it best (SO FUNNY)

    You are fabulous, a lot of people are not so there for they turn green. And green is not a pretty color or mean people. FUCK THEM! I love your blog and I just love you.

  4. You forgot to mention that you have an amazing voice and you are a great actress. You were born to entertain, Babs! Whether it's at work or here on your blog, you just have a personality that people love. Even if they don't want to admit it because it makes them question why they are not brave like you. Brave enough to be themselves and own it!

    Cheers to you and inspiring people (me)

  5. I was singing Spirit in the Sky all day yesterday!
    I've had four guys recently say, "hey, your friends with barby, right?" Yes, of course. "Do you read her blog?! She's amazing."
    Screw the haters. You are honest and funny.

  6. You are pretty much a bad ass!!! Let's talk about that.

    Jealous bitches (and if you are a guy then I will still call you a bitch)

    Keep on rocking. Sign my tits when you become famous?

    Love you!!!!!

  7. I love to read your blog!It puts a smile on my face every time:)

  8. Barby! We have been "friends" via the internet for years, yet when I think of you, I call you a friend. This is because you are such a lovely, lively and honest person, I strive to have the same attitude towards life as you. As creepy as it may seem, even people you have never met truly admire you. I hope we actually get to meet when I am in SLC this summer for some kick ass shows!


  9. I knew I had an Army :D

    Love you guys.


  10. P.S Kymm, let me know when you are here this summer.

    P.S.S Did I already mention I love you guys?


  11. I pretty much cyber stalk you because I find you so FUCKING AWESOME!!!!! And I am so glad you write because I'm getting kinda sick of looking at the same MySpace pics over and over!!!! (wink) So uh yeah you are great! And thanks for the entertainment!

    PS I don't stalk you at the strip club!!!!!

  12. Linzie

    Can we hug? Myspace was the place wasn't it? I miss the good old days. Thank you for the love it makes me fuzzy and stuff inside


    Much love!!!!

  13. seem to be an astonishing woman with so much love, entertainment and happiness to give those around you...anyone who cant see you for that only see's your beauty and is intimidated and jealous. I LOVE reading your blog, you are both beatifull and comedic. You are a strong woman who knows exactly whoo she is! And I LOVE when you said that cattiness is sooooo 2009. Normally a woman as pretty as you would be so stuck on herself, and although you know you"re gorgeous, you find everyone to beautiful, I can see that in your writing. Keep on rockin on girl!

  14. Ceekee.

    I never get sick of hearing the kind words of the people that stop by here, for whatever reason. I am touched that ALL you guys have said such nice things. I'm only human and I myself have felt jealousy and have been intimidated. So, I can't ever judge those people either. All you can do is grow and learn and laugh a ton along the way. I'm far from perfect and it's kinda fun to be far from...ya know?

    Thank you again, I LOVED reading this. It gave me the coochie tingle ;)