Thursday, March 25, 2010

Whatchuuu lookin at, Ese?


  1. screaaam :D
    love this photo..

  2. please keep posting more pictures of yourself that nobody cares about.

    im biting my fingernails to see whats next

  3. I think what Erica meant to say was...

    "I care...obviously or I wouldn't leave comments, I am sorry if I make it too obvious that I look and wait, you're so pretty Barby, why can't I be pretty like you? no fair! and due to my fingernail bitting in awaits to see another great picture of you, I will soon find out that I have a tapeworm"

  4. Tapeworm's can be cured, but herpes are forever....not pretty.

  5. You have the Herpes? :(

    Man, shits fucked for you!

  6. Barby you are hilarious and beautiful. More power to you! Keep posting Those pictures. Why not? They are great. And your posting them on your blog..... Your turf. Not this poor herpes prone girls turf. ( does her mom know?? ) if she is anything close to what you are then all of her networking sites are full of this sort of thing as well.
    So in short post on Barby!!!!