Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dani Vacca

I wanted to write a little about Dani. This beautiful 21 year old, sassy, spunky, hilarious girl graced me with her presence during a modeling gig where we all had to dress up as Geisha's. Dani and a couple of the other girls really bonded that day. I really like Dani cuz she seemed to have no filter when it came to our sense of humor and I automatically loved her because we both laughed at the same dumb silly things. I got to hang out with her one other time at a party and I always see her when I would go to the makeup counter at MAC, where she worked. Every time I saw her she would greet me with the biggest hug, we would exchange some silly joke or talk in our gangster voices "mmmm gurl, you better call me", and I always walked away thinking what a damn cool chick she was. I saw her no more than 3 weeks ago, where we went through our little ritual. I introduced her to my Son, and we promised each other we were way over due to get together again.

This Thanksgiving morning I went to my friend Justin Grants house for breakfast. He's the one that took this picture of Dani. Over his entertainment set in his living room he has 3 pictures of Dani, framed artistically in black and white. I remember having a moment where I was just staring at those 3 pictures thinking "Gosh I need to call her". Dani passed away Thanksgiving night in the hands of a fucking drunk driver. I found out the news via Facebook. My heart goes out to her Family and her loved ones. She was taken away way too soon. It seems so very unfair. She was so young, it makes no sense to me, and it breaks my heart.

I wanted to share the story of Dani because there are those people you meet that leave a long lasting impression on you. That stand out above the rest. That really touch you with their personalities and spirit. Dani was one of those people.  She will be very missed. Life is short, people! Let's not forget how fragile it really is.


  1. Barby <3 thanks for sharing about Dani, I remember how you two bonded at the SAPA event. Dani was such a special girl, I am glad she got to touch your life.

  2. I unfortunately never had the chance to meet Dani, but I really wish I had. Just so heartbreaking...

  3. Thanks "old world underground" It's so very sad!

    Zuz, you would loved her lovely face and funny ways :)

  4. Thank you for posting about Dani. She was one of my friends and we all love and miss her so very much. I found your blog looking for a beautiful picture of her for the blog I just wrote for her. It helps hearing stories about her life. Thanks.

  5. Cheltz.

    Thank you. I will go read your words now. Much love!