Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rocking And Rolling And What Not....

The Blonde Redhead concert was so so good. I could sit here and write about how great they are all day long. I was with a fun bunch. The Russian and I are big fans of this band. My friend Will (who has very quickly become one of my favorite people EVER, and who I now consider one of my BFF's, and who is always down for a good concert) and a special apperance by FG (who will always be at every good concert).

I filmed a little so you could see how great the show was. 
You're welcome

Part 2

Oh boy. This is where shit got a little crazy. So, I may appear to be a bit of a party girl? I'm really not. Of course one is going to post their fun events. What fun would it be if I blogged about the uneventful things that take place during the week, like laundry or the fact that I shit my pants on Thanksgiving day (A true story I might have to really write about, because it's THAT funny). Anyways, back to me trying to explain that I'm not a ragging party slut. After the concert, I met up with my lovely friends (and co-wrokers) to attend the Birthday party of the Gentleman that I'm currently dating (and not talking much about on here, and not sure why, but I'm just not ready) Damn, I have so much to say about this great guy. We danced. We drank. I got too tipsy. And I went home, woke up at 6am had a cup of noodles and had "The Talk" with myself. 

The Talk from my inner Bytch- Hey Barby. Chill the fuck out. You're not 23 anymore. remember when you were going to the gym and taking your vitamins? Remember how good you felt? Yeah? Glad you remember. You have replaced your good habits with vodka and little sleep. Now please pull your head out of your ass, get your shit together, and if I see you smoking again, I'm going to punch you in the face. And please, please, for the love of god, STOP over analyzing everything and just trust your gut, Woman. And I'm against you writing about shitting your pants. Good talk. Mmmm, these noodles are good. 

I'm too free spirited to listen to that Bytch all the time. I had a really fun night. I'm sporting my new dark hair. Dark on the top as it getting lighter at the ends. I miss my trashy roots but was ready for a change.


  1. These concert photos of yours are getting progressively better, you know. My eyes appreciate.

  2. Thanks you so much. I'm getting use to the new camera but my old one will never be my heart!