Friday, November 13, 2009

My Art Collection

My Mom the other day told me the story of the one and only time I got lost, I was 2 and we were in liverpool which is the biggest department store in Mexico City, my Mom says she clearly remembers turning her head for 2 seconds and I was gone, she then went into panic mode, as I can imagine (I make fun and ask her if she was yelling "the dingo ate my baby", she doesn't laugh) she yelled my name over and over and finally found me sitting at the cosmetics counter, with the makeup girl applying blush on me, I believe that's how it all got started.
This is my Makeup bag, this is only one section of this channel suitcase, there is still the compartment for all my brushes, eye pencils and random things (oh, and this is just what I travel with and does not include the drawers I have in my house full of other fun colors and things) I have always said if I lost this bag it would be a tragedy cause this is years of collecting. Now, the collection of perfumes and smelly good lotions from Bath & Body works is a whole other story.....oh, lordy I am a girly girl, I think you are either born a girl like this or not and if you are, good chance you will always be like this (like my Abis) I wouldn't have me any other way, I enjoy my rituals.

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