Friday, October 8, 2010

In Front Of Me

One of my favorite times while I have been here, was yesterday day. I got to spend some time at the pool solo, while the group broke away to do their own thing. I found myself a cozy chair front and center, stuck my head phones on and ordered myself a cocktail. I shut the world out. I needed to clear some things in my head. I ended up analyzing things to shit, and found myself more confused then I was prior to my attempts to play good adviser to myself. Lucky for me, I was distracted.....

I noticed a bit of commotion in the pool that forced me to take my head phones off and be nosy. In the pool, was a group of 3 couples around the age of 50 plus. They were having so much fun in that pool. So much so, that it forced me to stare and even giggle along. They were splashing each other. Making each other laugh so hard. Dunking each other. They were having more fun them anyone in that pool. If I would have closed my eyes, I would of told you it sounded like a bunch of British Teenagers causing a ruckus.  It made me so happy to witness this. I think naturally we get scared of aging, of getting old. I fail to remember that age really doesn't mean anything. Getting older or old does not mean the fun stops. My Grandma was the poster child for this. These people in the pool were also a perfect example. I have a pretty good feeling I may be splashing around the pool in my years to come. Saggy boobies and all!

These people will never know how inspiring they were yesterday. I wish I would of thanked them, for making me feel alive, and for saving myself from myself.

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