Friday, October 8, 2010


It's been a lovely stay at the Four Seasons Resort in Sharm. This is such a beautiful place. Everyone has been so nice, even if they can't understand my english. Kate and I fly back to Cairo today then we have an early morning flight back to NYC, where I will have my favorite time in the world and cell phone service. I have always adjusted pretty well to the time change, but this time around, I'm awake one moment, and the next I'm in the deepest coma of my life. Also, the plans that Kate and I made to keep each other motivated with our diets failed with in the first hours of our trip.

 I really have no complaints. I'm always very well taken care of in the hands of my (Anonymous) Friend. I can't wait to someday be able to write about my trips and my experiences with this Amazing Friend of mine. I think our (almost) 6 year friendship is pretty solid at this point. I'm very lucky. I'm aware.

I'm off to get a massage. Ok, Ok, I will shut the fuck up now.

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  1. You lucky and deserving girl! Maybe your Friend can buy me into some internet service so I can write you that email I owe you! Project for me over the weekend. :-)

    The sixty degree highs are going to shock you when you get home. Milk that damn sunshine!

    Kymm xo