Monday, October 4, 2010

Layover = No lay over.

Let the travels begin. The red eye to Atlanta wasn't too bad. I was entertained sitting next to 2 gals that had only been on a plane one other time, when they came over from Nova Scotia when they were little. The 2 sisters have been dabbling in drugs and Mom has HAD IT, and has now shipped then back, to get put in place by the other family members. Back to Nova, Ladies. The best part was helping them by showing them how to put their seats back, put their tray tables down, and explain that the air craft will shake like that when you hit clouds. I was highly entertained by these 2. They were really nice girls, despite their lack of adventure. Explore the aircraft, Ladies. Push all buttons, until you piss off the flight attendant. That's what I would do.

Did I mention I had a really interesting ride to the airport? Well, I did. Maybe I will tell you later. I will say that I'm a bit giddy, despite my lack of sleep.  My adventurous nature might have me exploring this "aircraft".

And I made a new little friend. This is Christal. The cutest little thing, who plopped down next to me and quickly became my BFF.  When they were getting ready to board their flight I said "Bye, Sister. It was nice to meet you", she then walked away with her Grandma yelling "BYE, SISTER" at me. Oh, I'm still giggling. Oooooh, I'm gonna miss this little Hussy.

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