Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Edition To The Fall Lineup

1. The floppy hat
2. The Russian hat
3. The leather jacket, Fools!
4. Leather shorts
5. Tall brown boot (with heel)
6. Tall brown boot (without heel)
7. Whattttt?!?!


  1. You know the lucky number i'm most proud of. It's about damn time! :)

  2. Yes. I agree! It's about damn time I get a russian hat!

  3. ok, when are we getting together for a day of photo fun to shoot these fall looks?!

  4. Give me those leather shorts, sister!!

    PS I think in two weeks I will be in the SLC if the manfriend plays a show... which reminds me, have you heard The Devil Whale? They're my buddies and locals to you and I'm pretty damn sure you'd love them. Give 'em a whirl.