Monday, November 22, 2010

Love Me Some Love.

From a reader in Mississippi...

Hi Barby,
While searching the Internet one afternoon, I stumbled across your blog website and after reading the first post on that particular day, I found myself more and more drawn to your character, your style and witty sense of charm. I ended up spending my whole afternoon in bed reading all of your post because not only did I find them amusing and entertaining, but heartfelt as well.
Not to sound weird, in a crazy stalker sort of way, but I find myself reading your blogs on a daily bases because it brings laughter into my life when I'm having a "shitty" day. So thank you for sharing your thoughts, they are an inspiration!

*I don't think people know how incredibly happy I am when I get nice emails like these. Or when people tell me how they love to read what  I have to say. I'm don't have a background in writing, nor did I ever think I was going to find a passion in it. But here I am, a year later, writing away on this little blog. Posting my random thoughts and sharing my love for music. Not to mention talking about my personal things very openly, and shamelessly posting pictures of myself (I'm not sorry). Sometimes people don't like it, and I have learned that it comes with being yourself and allowing people to be apart of it, so openly, on this HUGE cyber world. At times that does freak me out a bit, but I get over that part pretty quickly when I have something to say. 

So, I'm always tickled when I hear such nice feedback. Thank you Tammy. Thank you guys. I'm really excited to see what the future holds for me and this writing. It's a very exciting time for me. And in true Barby fashion, you all will know about it :)


  1. Dear Barby- I second ALL of what was said above...I read your blog and think to myself, "exactly"...all the time. Hard to believe that another person in SLC thinks about fashion, music and life so much like me. It feels like you are somewhat of a musical soul mate to me:) ha ha. So keep doing what your doing doll-because I feel oh so validated when you do ;)...You are fabulous!

  2. Natasha.

    Thank you so much. And feel free to share your music with ME :)

    I really do appreciate your sweet words, sister!