Monday, January 3, 2011

Beach House

I dabbled in a lot of albums in 2010. A year ago this month Beach House released their third album, Teen Dream. I came into this album a little late in the game, after hearing from so many of my music loving friends how great it was. I finally got my hands on it, and it didn't leave my CD player for months.

Beach House- Teen Dream is my favorite album of 2010. I can't describe what this album makes me feel. It not only goes in my ear and makes its way to my heart but it makes a stop in my soul. I will never forget the turn of events that were taking place in my life when this album became the soundtrack, and how quickly it adapted to the next chapter, and how it became the music that would accompany me into my dreams, and how it continues to move along with every new soon to be nostalgic feeling. It's a very enchanting experience, this album.. These experiences just wouldn't feel complete without these 2. Victoria and Alex, you did good. My life thanks you.

*Beach House- I absolutely love what they have to say. They get it. 

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