Saturday, January 1, 2011

2011, Let's Do THIS!

New Years was aight, aight! No drunken breakups or chokings to report. Just me in the company of some of my very Best Friends. I did have a New Years kiss from my friend Will, but that doesn't count because he's more like my cousin. So, if anything it was kind of sick. How my New Years kiss played out in my head wasn't exactly what I imagined, but non the less, I had so much fun last night. Anytime I get to put on a pretty dress and wear red lipstick, make people think I'm a real lady, then throw them off with F-bombs and vodka shots like a sailor, you know I can hang. Keeping it real classy in 2011, folks!

Jamie Lynn and Justin.

The Gang!

In the company of some shnazy Gentleman.

Direct your attention to the massive bruise in the shape of a heart on my arm.
Yeah. I will take guesses as to how and who....

That's Danny Materson, who played us music into the New Year. 
Nice job Danny.

A successful New Years night. Good times.

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  1. If I had to ask someone to accompany me to a state dinner at the White House you would be my first choice. I may have only talked with you for an hour but I know a REAL LADY when I meet one! As we walked out of the White House, we would look at the President and say "that dinner was F@#@#&* great! Thanks for inviting us! Late!"lmao