Wednesday, January 5, 2011


A “couple” of hipsters hanging out and making out.

Me: How long have you guys been dating?

Hipster Girl: He is my best friend not my Boyfriend.

Me: Sorry, I saw his tongue in your throat so I assumed.

Hipster Girl: Assuming makes and ass out U and Me.

Hipster Boy: We are keeping it causal, there is no need to labels here. I think that Americans are to focused on marriage and monogamy , I mean who cares if I made out with another girl last night? its none of their business

Hipster Girl: Did you make out with someone last night? (she looked pissed)

Me: Oh Oh. It's hip to be square.

A Hipster: Noun - urban (or suburban import) dweller who goes to all the coolest clubs, listens to the coolest music, is into various aspects of the arts, including but not limited to street art, indie films, street displays, sticker art, etc.... A hipster also must know all the coolest other hipsters. If you have to ask what a hipster is, then you are definitely not a hipster. Hipsters have more music on their ipods then anyone they know, and all the bands are indie or underground. A hipster will usually shit on the main stream.

My dear god. Am I a Hipster?

Yup. I'm ALL about this!!!

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