Thursday, January 6, 2011

Paris And Memory Lane

Being unable to sleep tonight (for reasons unknown) I entertained myself by going through my pictures. I have been in memory lane all night. I really sometimes can't believe my adventures. Paris being one of them. I found so many great pictures and videos forgotten, and holly shit, what an amazing trip. What a lucky human I have been. I relived this trip tonight and I sometimes forget how amazing this experience was. FG really really was (and is) such a special person. I will be forever grateful for him and this trip I shared with him.

A tour of our place and a little more then I bargained for.

And I have done THIS to him before.

Admitting that we sometimes didn't get along, but could always laugh about it.

We also made a stop in a French strip club. Oh, was bad. Not the good bad but the hey we got ripped off kinda bad. We laughed the whole time, which I feel bad because that's really an asshole move when there is a naked french 17 year old in front of you.

The memories are magnificent and magical. Even if my romantic relationship with FG didn't end up like this fairy tale trip, he will forever be apart of these memories when I'm sitting in my rocking chair sharing these stories with my Grandkids. FG will always and forever be my friend and we still talk and try and catch up as often as our busy lives will allow. Whoever ends up with FG will be a very lucky and spoiled girl. BUT, I will have to approve.

Final Cut!!!


  1. You are one of the most addicting people I have ever came across. I read your blog all the time and every time you just make it such a lovely thing to read. I'm sorry you and FG didn't work out. It looks like you guys had a lot of fun together. What ever man has is lucky to be with you, will have a great time from the looks of it


  2. i love the videos from paris! looks like you two had such a fabulous time. i was there last february and watching this makes me want to go back. thanks for sharing lovely girl!

  3. Emily, I'm now missing it more then ever.

    Ano- Thank you for the kind comment :)