Thursday, January 27, 2011

Lovely Days

I love days that end up taking you to places that you thought you wouldn't be when you woke up. What I thought was just a lunch date, ended up with a drive up the canyon. A lovely lunch at Ruth's Diner. A day at the Zoo, where we made fun of these hilarious animals to their faces. We made funny voices that we thought would go with the animal (if they could talk, of course). We picked a fight with a Gorilla. We walked around. We talked. We laughed.

 This little dude was going to town on this wall.
Licking it like it was no body's business.
The inappropriate jokes made from seeing this were good and plenty.

After, we deiced that there was no better way to end this adventurous day, then with coffee and a pastry.

For the most part my days are always good. But sometimes you have really really good days, full of adventure, giggles and divine order. I love unplanned days. With unplanned people. Such a lovely day.

"Lick my wall"


  1. HEY! I love your blog. My favorite dancer at Trails way back in the day, was named Barby with a Y. :) Are there two of you??? OK sorry if that's totally creepy. Especially since you totally don't know me. Whatever. Anyway, the blogosphere makes the world seem small. That's all. Keep up the great blog.


  2. NO WAY, sister. There is another Barby with a Y. I must find her!!! Haa! That's awesome. Not creepy. Maybe it is me? But I wasn't there back in the day.

    Thank you for the love. I'm gonna go check your out now :)