Monday, January 31, 2011

Sweet Light

My most auspicious moments were when the sun would kiss the sky goodbye and the moon would grace us with its delicate and sweet light. When she would wash her face off and expose her true beauty. When she would crack the bedroom window to let the moons sweet light join us. When she would strip off her armor and kill me softly with her skin. When she would crawl next to me and I would let out a big sigh, as if I could finally rest. When she would let me kiss her forehead and smell her breath on mine. Let me wish her sweet dreams. Let me hold her hand while we drifted into the moons sweet light. And all I asked in return, was that the first thing I laid eyes on in the suns cordial return, be her face. - Me

I was inspired to write as if I was a man of chivalry.  I should come up with a male name for myself for when I have these penis inspired moments. Any suggestions? 

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