Monday, January 24, 2011

Team Legit.

Good lord. The first weekend of Sundance is in the past and my last. I have a massive hangover today because apparently I think that drinking patron out of the bottle is a good idea. I was a total frat boy all weekend. You know you're getting older when a night of fun is not so easy to recover from. I made some new friends with some of the Denver Broncos. I have to say, these guy are young and make millions, they have fans and girls all over them, and yet they were the most humble down to earth respectful dudes I have ever met. It doesn't get more legit than these fellas. It was refreshing to be treated in such a manner. Especially when I feel some of the guys I've dated in the past just didn't get it. I was reminded what I deserve and want in a man. A gentleman. Hey, Ladies, they're out there.

What does it look like I'm asking him in this pic?

Zane was so funny. The biggest teddy bear.

There always has to be one beef cake in the clan.

I had a lot of fun. Too much, I think. 

Thursday we attended the Snoop and Lil Jon concert. Here is the link to the video where Jessica and I  make a small cameo. My smart ass is going to get me places. You'll see! 

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