Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thanks ChaCha

Another round of really strange and scary dreams this week. The world is ending AAAHHH!!! No, but really, not funny at all. And the one last night of my Brother being killed in a car accident? What the? Waking up crying my eyes out, picking up the phone at 7am to tell him how much I love him can mess with your mood all day.

Damn dreams, cut me a break. Where are the goody dreams? Where I wake up giggling and in love with some guy who makes me laugh a ton and tells me how pretty I am in my ear as he grabs my booty. Then, we do it on a cloud without getting pregnant…or herpes. God I love those dreams. Mmmm Mmmm! I would even take a sex dream with Fabio at this point......

Well, maybe the world ending dreams aren't thaaaaaat bad.
Ooooh, Faby!
ChaCha, what do dreams about Fabio mean?

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