Sunday, January 16, 2011


There comes that time when you have your first moment of silence. You have discussed music.  Agreed on some and disagreed on others. He learns your love for Bob Dylan. You learn why his voice annoys him. You both know enough about politics to know you don't want to discuss it. You have giggled at the same time at the same dumb thing. You have made eye contact that neither can deny was so intense that the both of your brave souls had to brake away from. But there's nothing like feeling his eyes on you. He doesn't know you can feel his eyes, but he's soaking you up, and you can feel it. There's silence and you're allowing it. You try to seem like you're so interested in that coaster on his table with the Chinese writing. Faking interest, just to make the silence and his interested eyes last. You finally look up at him, playing surprised that you just noticed he's looking at you. You say "What?", he response with "Oh, nothing". You smirk and kindly ask for a bowl of ice cream. At that moment you learn that he likes Rocky Road...and you.

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