Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Je T'aime

Valentines day always has a way of making you think back on your loves. You will always have that one romance that you think about the most. The "what if?" The "why did it end?" And the "why do I still miss you after all these years?" He was that guy. He was effortless. Confident in his demeanor. He made me laugh from the pit of my belly. He was that guy that would pick you up off the floor when he hugged you. Would stop you in the middle of the street to kiss you. Never went without saying something sweet, without sounding forced. Interesting when he spoke. Humble about the fact he was extremely handsome. He was passionate, affectionate, romantic and intoxicating. And it was clear that we were crazy about one another.

We walked through the streets of the south of France holding hands. Sat in cafes for hours talking. Made out on every street corner. Watched the sun go down on the beach.  Soaked up every minute of every day we had together. I remember everything about him.

When I reminisce on this love, I get a sense of peace in my heart. To only remember how lucky I was to have loved and to have been loved, but to also remember that just because the romance ends, does not mean that love does.


  1. To think how many people wish they could say they have experienced even ONE of your life's journeys, let alone all of these beautifully told stories of your blessed life.

    You are one unique, beautiful, smart, blessed woman.

  2. That's a very sweet compliment. Thank you :)