Thursday, February 24, 2011

White Or Wheat?

The next guy I cooking for ME!!!
You got that, Chachi?!?


  1. And I even have my own kitchen tools.
    How does poached halibut with shitakes and snow peas grab ya?
    Excellent food, wine and convo makes for purty good foreplay... Ou alors on m'a dit.
    Souhaitez-vous d'accord?

  2. Well, well , well. mmmmm mmmm mmmm! Dessert?

  3. I believe you already know the answer to that one. Only lingering question: with or without fresh whipped cream? I'll supply the cherries.

  4. Are you hitting on me? I think you're hitting on me! You are huh? You totally are.

    You're hitting on me anonymously. Don't count.

    How's the weather in Chi town? ;)