Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dating Shmating

You would think these would be common sense, right? 
The "Don'ts"get Done more often than they should.

“I’ll just have a Salad” -  LAME! No Women! No! Unless you’re a vegetarian or you’re allergic to other food on the menu don't try and shy away from the food you want, just to impress the dude. Eat! Show your real self so there’s no surprises later on in your relationship when he sees you with a piece of chicken hanging from your bottom lip.

Don’t Be On The Phone 24/7 - The cell phones has ruined more romances than herpes. There's nothing more annoying than a guy who's married to his phone. Put the phone away, pull your head out of your ass, and LISTEN. Twitter will be there after the date. And chicks dig good listeners.

Don’t Expect The Girl To Pay - DUH! The whole dutch thing is all good after a couple of dates, but be a gent and buy the lady dinner on the first date, will ya? Sheeesh!

Don’t Lie To Impress - If you feel you need to lie, especially from day one then your relationship is essentially doomed. A large percent of the time “Im an entrepreneur” means he is a criminal and sometimes “I’m a model” means she has taken studio pictures, like twice before. BE REAL!!! Don't lie to kick it!

Don’t get too speechless - Nerves are cute and all but, its really not a good look to have awkward silences and no conversation, things will only get worse. Ask subtle questions, crack a few jokes, be their friend (for now, cuz in the back of your mind you know you are wondering what a good old rump would be like with person). Don't lie, we imagine them naked. Just don't tell them that in order to break the silence. Yeeeah, don't!

Don’t Cry - Hey! Hey! Hey! If you do this on the first date, you leave nothing fun in store for the second date.

Don’t Talk About The Ex! - This goes without saying really but time after time the subject arrives in your mind. Avoid it for now (preferably forever) because it's yucky. I sometimes think ignorance is bliss on this matter.

Don’t Have Sex - Debatable…haha kidding…kinda. Try and avoid this because it only adds complications especially if you want to continue seeing each other. The longer you hold out, the better it is…usually. Just wait....I mean, if you can...wait..but there's exceptions...but just wait..ish...What?

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