Monday, May 16, 2011

One Year Ago Today.

I was in this magical place. 

I shared a week in Paris with FG. We had a really lovely time. Even if we didn't fall madly in love in the most romantic place on earth, we did manage to find an awesome friendship. Paris respectfully kept it's magical charm for this reason.

To celebrate our one year anniversary of our adventure to Paris last year, FG, myself and a group of our friends went to the YELLE concert. A French band seemed fitting for the occasion. I adore FG for many reason, but mostly because he is just a good human,  with a big heart and who will always be my friend.

I still hope to someday go back to Paris, preferably with a lover. I believe that Paris holds a special place for the lovers. For all I know that lover could be there as we speak.


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