Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Planet Earth, Folks.

Men are NOT from Mars and women are NOT from Venus!
Gender differences are down to how we are raised?!?

Psychologists would have us believe that men and women are so different they could hail from different planets. But now a controversial new claim says the difference between the genders is down to the way we are raised. Scientists say the idea we are hard-wired at birth - promoted by international bestseller Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus - is outdated.

They say it is nurture rather than nature that has the largest affect on the skills, attributes and personalities of an individual.

Experts say children are not born with intellectual differences but learn them in our gender-divided society.

So boys aren't born with better map-reading and parking skills, mathematical prowess and a liking for the colour blue.

Similarly girls do not inherit the ability to express for emotions and multi-tasking, better communication skills and a love of the colour pink.

Instead they develop them as they grow and are steered towards gender-defined skills by parents and teachers.

* I have to agree with this. There are sensitive boys that have no problem expressing feelings and emotions (I find that hot, personally.)  And there's tough girls who have no problem breaking a chair over someones head during a bar fight.

 I think it all comes down to finding the right match. If you're dealing with someone you are convinced came from another planet? Good chance you are dating the wrong person. The key is to find the earthling who gets you and who's willing to admit that he/she has some issues, because let's face it, WE ALL DO (pretty sure that has to do with how we were raised too). Someone who is willing to show sings that they are from the planet (down to) earth. 

What did we learn?
 Women are Not from Venus & Men are NOT from Mars.
We are ALL from planet Earth.
This isn't science fiction, folks!
So let's be adults about it and deal with this SHIT SHOW!!


  1. I'm reading a book called a billion wicked thoughts you should read it bet you will love it.

  2. *Love*
    P.S. Welcome back. You have been missed on your blog.


  3. Oh that book sounds right up my alley. Thank you!

    Lisa, I know I've been struggling with the blog. Thank you for sticking around :P

  4. You are hilarious! This is good news, too. I think.

    ps - found you thru Kate's blog, a looong time ago.
    Totallly rando, I obviously don't know either of u but enjoy your writing!


  5. So cool. Isn't the story of Kate and I great. She's been a little MIA on her blog but she's doing great. Thank you for the sweet comment. I love your guys words. They mean a lot :)