Thursday, July 21, 2011

Spilling The Beaver

I would like to think of myself as someone who uses the word SUCK in a positive way, rather than the sucky way! I have held back writing about my real personal stuff lately, because who wants to admit that it SUCKS lately? Sucky SUCKS, folks! But i've held out on being real on here. I haven't been as open as I used to be.

Salt Lake is an interesting place to date, because there's a culture here. Either you are married right out of high school and live the life the lord wants you live.

Or ,you meet these guys who are your age but they were married right out of high school, and are now divorced in their 30's and they are partying like frat boys.

Or, you meet the guys who you THINK are at a good match, because they have never been married, they maaaay be a bit too young,  but they are funny, normal..ish. They did grow up in this interesting culture, and even if you know that there is no future, there you are, allowing them into your life, home, and heart. Just to find out that they are completely emotionally unavailable and immature.

Banging my head on the wall!!!!

Not to mention that this Utah culture has made them "Conservative" when it's convenient for them. And all of the sudden, all the great thing about how free spirited you are, and the things that initially attracted them to you, are now, a problem. Because at the end of the day, even if you're the guy drunk every weekend and partying your balls off, you're still looking for the girl who is conservative and "good"... and who wears panties. Sometimes, I HATE panties!!! Geeeeez!


Ok, are we dating these days in black and white?
 Like, "Leave it to Beaver?" 

Where are the guys who love strong women with an opinion and who are not afraid to be THEMSELVES? I guess when people have insecurities about who they are, it can be a bit difficult to date someone who is just, okay, with who they are. We ALL have our insecurities. But some of us are comfortable enough to admit them, laugh about them, and deal with them.

You never want to end up in a relationship where someone tries to cage you. There are boundaries to every relationship, for sure. But someone who loves those free spirited things about you, and who is secure with THEMSELVES, enough to know that you respect them. And they respect you enough to let you be you, and still love you for it, and vice versa... now that's hard to find.

Sometimes we leave it to Beavers. We think with our Beavers as much as men think their Woodchucks.

Guess what?

 I have a June Cleaver in me. I have a home I take care of,
I make my bed every morning and I can make a mean breakfast...
Gee Wally, that's swell.

But you better be ok with my Charo like personality.


  1. Way to sum up the man culture here in Salt Lake! I completely agree but could never put it into words as well as you can.. And the rest of the post is wonderful too (as always)..Thank you again dear!

  2. Thanks Michelle. This one has a hard one to write, cuz I'm really hurt right now and angry so I have debated pulling it. But it's comments like your hours that my post stay. Thank you so much :)

  3. This is why I love you. LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU!

    SLC guys are weirdos.

  4. I am sorry you are so hurt right now and angry, and I am sorry that you this was written while you hurt, such a great post that makes so much sense though. Do not pull your blog or your posts ever! Every single one of your posts are wonderful in their own way and they make so much sense in so many ways or they make me smile or laugh. Or... they make me keep staring and going my oh my like the post below with all the handsome men :) Keep your head up pretty lady, this great state of Utah and the men in it could probably fill up a whole book on weirdness. Thanks again for the posts, love every bit of them and you!

  5. ah this post is so true. sad and true. i know exactly what you are talking about sister.

  6. Thanks guys. It's all good in da hood. Love you guys :)

  7. I thought I was the only one. Last guy I was seeing went from loving my cuchi cuchi to calling me a slut. Meanwhile he's dating a "nice" girl. I too am just as much good girl as naughty girl. Sad.

  8. I feel ya sister. I'm the same way. You're a slut if you do and you're a prude if you don't. Tell the dude that the word "slut" is so high school. And then say "I do what I want"

    Then spread your legs and tell him to suck it. Hahahah ;)