Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Naughty Naughy

Pornography: or porn;  creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire.

I don't have to explain the nature of these type of movies. They pretty much allow you to be peeping tom in the comfort of your own home. If you have never seen a porn or been curious in your adult life, get with it. Unless you're bloggin about it, no one needs to know you're a pervert.

Yesterday, I had a perverted morning when I was dabbling on the Internet and at this point I can't lie and make up some elaborate story about how I accidental stumbled on this video while googling the word pussy... cat. In other words, I'm admitting that I was looking at porn, okay?

Don't judge me...

Porn has become a very male driven industry, full of big boobs and money shots on poor girls faces. Very rarely do you stumble across a XXX film that has the man giving you a run for your $9.99 monthly membership fee.

But long behold...there he was...like a sexual god....

James Deen.

Mr. Deens floored me. Where did this guy learn all this? How does he know that woman need other types of stimulation other than the obvious target V spot? It was like watching an artist, a dance, a perfect blend of naughtiness and passion, and all done by a very attractive, sexy and charming young lad. Porn has come a long way from the Ron Jeremy days, right?

There's no doubt that his films are very clearly about his skills, and the female who's usually the main attraction, quickly becomes the co-star. As a woman, I can see that his mannerisms and they way he handles these women, is what I personally think woman desire in a sexual partner. There's no doubt that these women in these films with him don't feel this way, too. You can see it in their damn eyes.

James Deen needs to write the first Vagina manual, or the Vagina books for dummies. Mainly, so that he can make it clear that it's not just about the Vagina. I don't just see him as a porn star. This man can inspire men to be better lovers. And inspire more women to watch porn.  Mr. Deens has a pretty huge female following..respectfully so. Porn is porn, but when Deens is in the shot, there's a standing ovation and roses thrown at the computer screen. BRAVO!!!

 He nailed it.

‘My name is James. I am a simple guy who likes to eat, sleep, and watch TV. Oh yeah, I also bang chicks for a living.'

Alright, Alright...
I'll stop being such a perv.


  1. Darling! Long time no comment - I have to tell you I love James Deen and I LOVE that you wrote about him. Why hide the fact that porn can be such a great stimulant and tool for both men AND women? Not to mention this dude is amazeballs. He banks on that "average Joe you'd talk to in a bar good looks" but then in the boudoir he's a freaking GOD. I've been tempted to show his vids to Manfriend for a while now just to show him a thing or two, although I don't want to offend ha ha. My favorite of his is the Vegas Hooker one.

    Did I say too much? ;)

  2. Oh, I'm so ticked by your comment! I agree with everything you said! There is no way to tippy toe around the fact that any man should and should want to see this man. Allow him to help you! Help him help you! Haha! The Vegas hooker huh? I'm on it ;)

  3. Never judge you. Enjoy your porn.