Sunday, December 18, 2011


A comment from a reader about the "Rated B" blog post.

I think you are a beautiful lady and I love your blog. I also totally agree that its sad when woman can't learn to love their body and their curves. A woman's body is amazing and it has taken me a long time to finally be comfortable in my own skin. Its a great feeling. However, I have to disagree with that making it okay to display pornography. It has ruined countless marriages of some dear friends and almost split up my close relationship. Many would say that's not a woman's fault, the man just shouldn't look. However there is just too much research to support that pornography is a chemical addiction. I want to be naked all the time for my husband! And even take fun pictures. :) I'm just not sure that I like other woman posing nude for my husband to see. That's not to say tho that I believe a woman that does is evil or that I hate woman that pose for things like playboy. I just wish that society would think twice. Thanks for your thoughtful posts tho!

Even if I do appreciate the comments I receive and different point of views, I also have my opinions on these comments as well. I don't understand why people think everything has to be so extreme. If you look at porn you have a chemical addiction. If you look at pornography it will break up your marriage.


How about a happy medium? I think it's unrealistic to think the moment you get married that your spouse is no longer to look, or feel, or think about someone other than you EVER again. THAT is what will break up a marriage. You can have a very healthy sexual relationship with your spouse, or with your lover (yes, unmarried people have sex too) if you flip through a playboy together, watch porn for fun now and then, or even sit at the stage of a strip club and tip and enjoy the view. And I also believe that non of those things are bad if you do them with or without your spouse, or lover or if you're single.

Keeping secrets from you spouse and having these things get out of hand, that's what will tarnish marriages. It's not society. If you go to other countries nudity is not looked down on. I want the man I'm going to be with to be able to have a naked woman in front of him, appreciate it, and be confident enough to know he is going home with me, to the best lover he has ever had, mind you. Just because we are "married" or "together" does not mean he is dead, and neither am I. I will still appreciate a beautiful man OR woman, naked or dressed, as long as there's boundaries. Bad sex life's is what ruins marriages. Not communicating is what ruins marriages. Suppression leads to perversion. If you think they are not peeking someway or another...ignorance is bliss? I suppose.

I believe in a healthy amount of the naughty. 

Thank you for the comment. I appreciate peoples views and don't take for granted that people read mine. 


  1. I believe in a healthy amount of the naughty too! Well said on this whole article, it should be a front page story featured in a magazine :) You have an amazing way of putting thoughts that are hard to describe into words! Keep writing for all of us that love it.

  2. Deceit is destructive, not celebrating our humanity. You're awesome.