Friday, June 1, 2012

Teron Beal

Some of my downtime in my life is spent on my laptop discovering music. I click a lot. Some music I find, I like, some, I don't like, and some I love. Once in a while I find an artist that really strikes me as a true talent. I don't think a good voice is hard to find these day, hell, there is a new show on TV every week showcasing the voice of the guy that works at your local Subway. There is so much talent out there. It's unreal.

Some of these great voices have also been behind some of the artist we listen to now. Teron, for example. Before I even did any research on Teron, the first thing that popped in my head was Prince. He reminisced the sound of my beloved Purple Rain days. Sexy R&B voice with a rock guitar riff. I instantly fell in love.  Even if Teron is not new to the music industry, I mean he has written songs for Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Pink, Kelly Rowland, Mýa, Chrisette Michele, Robyn, Jaheim and others. Yeah, not bad for a guy that most people have never heard of. Right?

Then one day, a writer comes out of the room full of paper, pencils and the smell of spilled words, and lets his voice be heard. And sometimes you hear a sound that just wouldn't sound as true if it wasn't delivered by the person who poured their heart felt words into it. In other words, I enjoy his music.

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