Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Holy Meteor Showers Batman!!!

Via text message.

Me: I missed a meteor shower again? I missed the last one that we tried to stay up for this summer.

T: Omg, you didn't see it?? Scariest shit ever! Biggest meteor. It was like daylight coming through your window for a second.

Me: Dude, that's scary, did they know it was coming?

T: Yeah, there's a meteor. shower again. But it's still scary as fuck! Who knows when that could be an asteroid and poof, we're gone!

Me: That stuff scares me bad
My hands are sweaty
I just shit my pants

(Big gap)

T: sorry, I had to pee

Me: haaa! I have been trippin on that stuff lately and 2012, I'm spooked

T: Don't worry about 2012. Remember 2000?

Me: vaguely, I was drunk in a back seat, I think.

T: And you lived, see?

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