Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm Picky About My Blondes

My girl crush and one of the very few blondes I find tremendously beautiful, which makes me a perv seeing how she is a 19yrs old... Eh, everyone has some kind of fetish? *shrug* Oh, and that snooty bitch from "The City" with no personality..Olivia? yeah, she is gorgeous but her lack of personality and humor would have me kicking her out after a little nookie (and the fact that she used the word "fly" had me giggling, oh gurl, you're so streets) Taylor just has a very exotic face. Very pretty young lady and she seems so sweet and humble, which would make me want to be her best friend and take her home to Mama.

She could sing random names out of the phone book and I would listen like it was the most beautiful poetry I have ever heard.
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