Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Only 23% left on the TO DO list!

Holly shit, what a day. Almost done Christmas shopping, I was able to fit my mani/pedi and have my eyebrow appointment in a bit (I take my holiday girliness very serious) My Brother's Fiance was actually my hardest gift this year, I went to 4 different places to find a beautiful white coat that she will be wearing on their wedding day, during my search, I managed to get some cute stuff at forever 21, got a pair of jeans for $14 that are already my favorite (LOVE THAT STORE) I still have a lot to do tomorrow and pack for the week I will be gone. AAAAAAH!!! I need an assistant but I guess that's what kids are for? "E.J, Mommy has a to do list for you"

Festive apple red nails with enough glitter to not look gaudy, I don't know how may times I had to tell the gal I didn't want a snowflake or a tree (this is my hand up against what could be the cutest makeup bag, I have very small fingers and have a hard time finding rings that fit,and yes, these are my natural nails, I thank my grandma for that and for a million other things)


  1. I am surprised you're not modeling your hands too, Barbarina.

  2. nice blog!