Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Que? Que?

It was 1980 in Mexico City, my Mom had a crush on a famous singer by the name of Jose Maria Napoleon. I was around 4. I'm sure my Brother and I stayed with my Grandparents while my Mom went to see her crush in concert. She put her hair in hot rollers., put on her sexy white jacket, and slapped on some of that red lipstick I remember my mom wearing when I was a little girl. Mi Mama era guapisima.

I'm not sure what the sexuality of Mr. Napoleon was/is. I can draw my own conclusion by the silk shirt. I know that was considered sexy back in the 80's when men were starting to wear make-up and flamboyant attire, and it was driving the women CRAZY. I have a hard time believing he didn't lay eyes on my Mom and not wanted to take that necklace off from around his neck and give to my her. Either way, it makes me happy to see pictures like these, and hear stories of my mom being nothing but young, gorgeous, flirty and fun, and a single mother of 2.

Shorty after, I discovered my own obsession in flamboyant attire.
This was the first band I ever loved. 
Squealing. Freaking out. Crying.
Boy crazy since I can remember. 


Pre-Ricky Martin days.


  1. Antes que nada que buen gusto tiene tu mammi : ) Claro todo MEXICO sabe quien es Jose Maria Napoleon pero bueno...ya me hizeste recordar Y escuchar toda la buena musica de los ayeres como Los Hombres G : ) " Devuelveme a mi chica" Gracias por esto hacer mi noche FENOMENAL!!!

  2. Pues, yo me acuerdo todo de Mexico. Mis memorias de ser Niña en Mexico son memorias muy bonitas. Aunque yo tengo años viviendo en los estados, nunca se me va lo Mexicano. Lo tengo en la sangre :)

    Gracias por dejarme el comento en espanol.

    QUE PADRE :)