Friday, December 11, 2009


*The best

You should always have good eyebrows (I get mine done every month, it includes a wax, a tint and her shaping them to perfection, fill them in with an angle brush and powder) but there is only one thing that will dress up your face, and make your eyes super flirty, LASHES! I am pretty much addicted and will find any reason to slap some on, they have become a part of my ritual and accompanies my night time wardrobe. I tried the lash extension's last month, and even though you wake up looking like a pretty doll, I found them to be itchy, and they really irritated my eyes, and the process of removing them is not worth it, you lose a ton of your own and it's really depressing. I get my supply at Walgreens or if it's for something real fancy, MAC has a great selection. The lashes for day time use are really light and no one will be able to tell you have them on, Your eyes will thank you, people you lock eyes with, will thank you, and I love that you just add lip gloss and you're done. Wear them, own them and bat them lashes girlies, LASHES LASHES YUMMY-LUSCIOUS-FLIRTY LASHES!!!


  1. i only wear fake lashes to a huge event, mac's is good

  2. you are a natural beauty, but as a girl I know we like to experiment, I too love my lashes and I think it just dressed up your face, what other beauty secrets do you have? cuz I want to look as pretty as you do all the time, spill them missy :-P