Thursday, December 10, 2009

Those British Assholes.

This is Mani, my rude, insulting and crass British friend, his nickname for me is fatso, he tormented my relationships in the cyber world for years, and has often been spoken about over dinners as "Your Myspace/Facebook friend I loathe" (he likes the B0-hunk, but then again everyone loves my Bo-Hunk) I might have gotten a little pleasure in watching these guys not be able to hang with Mani's humor and shit talking. Mani was my FIRST Myspace friend, the friendship began with an insult and has lasted years now. I had the pleasure of meeting Mani in London when Elijah and I went to visit, he took such good care of us, I love this British asshole. (oh and Mani, I still think you smell like fat lady sweat)

*Elijah, the well traveled child.

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