Monday, February 14, 2011

Arcade Fire

And there you have it people, redemption in the music industry tonight, as one of my favorite bands takes home the Grammy for best album of the year. Beating out the angry white rapper, the drag queen, and the hot pop star with the real nice jugs. There is a GOD! The Berlin wall of music came down tonight.

I spammed my twitter page tonight with excitement. I also had a good time reading tweets on how hipsters are now talking shit about Arcade Fire (so funny) and, I was floored by how many people were asking "Who the F*** is Arcade Fire?" I forget how many musical shallow people there are.  I don't get snotty, unless it's about music. Because I'm so damn passionate about it. People, there's so much GOOD music out there besides your top 40-over produced-clubby-booty dropping-manufactured-bubble gum-saturated- lyrically retarded-overcompensating with glitter and costumes-CRAPOLA! Just saying.

I had 3 top albums this year and Arcade Fire's- The Suburbs was one of them. Nice job guys. I don't think I have jumped with excitement the way I did tonight when I hear them announce them as the winner. Ej said it he has never seen me freak out like that. Is this how boys get when their team wins the super bowl? I totally get it now.
(As my musical depth friend said tonight)

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