Sunday, February 13, 2011

The Voodoo Darlings

Tonight, I performed with my lovely girls, The Voodoo Darlings.  What a great show tonight, to a SOLD OUT theater. Yeah, nerves galore and thrills up the WaaZoo. A lot of these girls are new to the group and I have never performed with them. It was such a pleasure to meet the new addition to our troop, and sad that some of our regular and originals dolls couldn't make it. It was one of our best shows yet. I'm so proud to say that I'm a part of this group, full of talented, beautiful girls. It's so cool to know that we bring something unique and entertaining to Salt Lake. We can hold our own. We bring it. WE NEED IT!

A snapped a pic during intermission. Yeah, this crowd was awesome and loud and generous with excitement. I very rarely rehears my numbers. I'm kinda ballsy and go out there and wing it (kinda like my life) but this time the nerves rapped me up in their nauseating anxious arms and after I performed,  I got a little sick. Sick in the WaaZoo. But what a rush. I can't explain it. I was meant for this stuff. I love it so much. Before the show, I got a gorgeous flower arrangement delivered to me as I was getting ready, from a boy. Woot Woot (Thank you, you).

I will post more pics when they are released, and I believe someone filmed my number. We will see if it's worthy enough to be shown or not. I got to go sleepy because I have to get up early and report for duty for a photoshoop for my new blog banner. It's going to be GOOD! Can't wait to see Zuzanna and her team of hair and make-up people she's got working on this project for me. I'm very lucky to be a part of ALL of this. Truly lucky!

Great weekend so far.
Very pleased and happy!

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