Sunday, March 7, 2010


Sunday movie day landed me at Alice in wonderland. I will wonder no more what dropping acid would be like. In the movie was the fabulous Crispin Glover, who I had the pleasure of going on a lunch date with years ago. Crispin was filming a movie and some how my headshot landed in his hands, he ended up contacting me and inviting me to lunch. We met at the Long Life Veggie House (he was/is very into eating healthy and working out and I was actually very surprised about how muscular he was) we were the only 2 customers in the restaurant on this rainy October day.

We talked movies, he talked Hollywood, he made funny jokes, I laughed, he then asked me if I would ever do nudity on camera and at that moment the power went out in the restaurant, there I was, in a pitch black restaurant sitting across from Crispin Glover. By far the oddest most interesting lunch date of my life. And by far the most eccentric and interesting individual I have ever met. Not to mention an incredible actor.

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