Sunday, March 7, 2010

Drunk Text

Friends don't let friends text drunk

Last night I was juggling not one but two drunken text message conversations, I was dying with laughter. I think just like they passed a law that you can't text while driving, they should also pass a law for drunk texting and if not a law then at least you have to take the persons phone along with their keys when they are hammered rat shit. We have all been there, you have a drink, you start thinking about someone, you now are a couple of courage infused drinks deep and before you know it, WAALAA, you have a greased up drunk ready for texting. There you are, with the phone in your hand, shooting out babble that in the morning (without a doubt) you will regret. I guess if the other person on the receiving end was drunk too, it would be a conversation made in Vodka heaven but when the other person is about to close their eyes in hopes for a peaceful slumber, it can be very annoying. Pull it together and pass the B's in your phone book the next time you feel the urge my Man, cuz you just might end up on a blog.

Or you can be like me and send out fucked up text messages completely sober, now that's an art in it's self.

*Drunk text, under the Urban Dictionary (haahaa)
A modern derivative of its cousin, the drunk dial, this involves sending text messages via cell phone to friends, girlfriends, sluts, just friends, etc., usually while in a drunken stupor.


  1. Or delete Barby all together

  2. But if you are leaving comments on my blog then you're really not deleting me all together, humm? yeeeaah!