Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Groove Armada

It's no secret that music to me is like air. Today I got a breath of fresh air, when I put this album in for the first time (after the Russian burned me copy knowing it would put my panties in a bunch) and it's been giving me the coochie tingle all day.

Brian Ferry's track (Shamless). One that reminds me of Rush electrolyzed (Look me in the eye sister) This kick ass song, AND, of course, I'm going to love it when Empire of the Sun is involved.



  1. alright... this was a shocker for me. usually i love your music tips. we agreer (get that little pun?) on most things.

    but this was a complete sleeper. that scratch synth that runs through every single song like a thread of poop? the vocals sounded like they were recorded in my high school gym. and it just didn't DO anything exciting.

    i'll give you this... decent background music. for maybe... cleaning your house (or your under-carriage)

    the best song they ever put out was called "hands of time" off the Lovebox album.

    still think you're a musical force to be reckoned with though.

  2. Hey look everyone, it's the ex boyfriend from NY leaving a comment. My blog lately is full of ex's isn't. Makes me feel all warm and tingly inside...oh wait, thats GAS!

    David, I happen to think this album is DA BOMB! Do I need to remind you that we don't agreer (I didn't get the punt) on ALL of the music. You still like John Mayer, and I rather stick my thumb up my ass.

    Thanks for the input though.

  3. p.s. The John Mayor joke is mine.

    Love, one of your many Ex's.