Sunday, August 22, 2010


So confused. Hot Dads. Hot Gay Guys. Hot Docs
Becareful how you use this slang, Boys and Girls.

1. Dads I'd Like to Fuck
I'm 47,,,I was told by one on my sons 20 something friends (female) that I was a DILF. I had to ask,,,,,
Kewl for me eh?

2. We all know guys love M.I.L.F.'s, Moms I'd Like To F**K. So now girls can use this, Dads I'd Like To F**K.
While picking up my brother from track practice, I spotted one sexy D.I.L.F. dropping off his daughter.

3. An older man a younger gay man would like to kick it with. Gay slang from early 1990's
Now he's my kind of DILF

4. Doctor I'd Like to extremely good looking Female physician that most straight men with a functional penis would like to fuck.
Yo...i love going to my doctor...she is a straight up D.I.L.F.


  1. how funny!!! i just called mitch a DILF yesterday!!! hahahahah

  2. I have to know who the 2nd pic is of???