Monday, December 13, 2010

All Shook Up.

Last nights dreams were anything but pleasant. Nothing like a nice horrific vivid dream to scare the sleep out of you. There I was, in my house feeling what appeared to be an earthquake. I remember I had people over at my house, so we ran and stood under the doors (cuz that's what they taught us in Elementary school along with the stop, drop and roll right?). The next thing we know ("we", as in I don't remember who was with me) are running outside to witness the chaos. Shortly after, another followed. After that, we deiced to drive because that would be the smartest thing to do after 2 earthquakes (Duh). I remember looking over at the (faceless) driver and yelling "THERE IS ANOTHER ONE COMING, I CAN FEEL IT." As if I now had the senses of a German Shepherd? Before we knew it we were under a bridge embarking on earthquake #3. I woke up after that, completely shook up. Literally.

I was compelled to find out what this dream meant. I have never been that person that wakes up and researches why they had a dream about cheese, or falling, or why years ago I had consistent dreams about David Cassidy. But this one had to mean something. It just had to.

According to the dream book- Something is upsetting you that has destroyed your feeling of security. You've been feeling emotional instability in response to an difficult friendship/relationship around you?

After that, I will never doubt that dreams and the unconscious are dead on. What a trip, eh?

As far as the David Cassidy dreams....we will just let those be.

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