Tuesday, January 18, 2011


The Coachella line up is up!
I just peed my pants a little. 

This will be my first time attending Coachella. Which for a music freak like myself it's really weird. It's like a Jesus freak not going to church. I'm so excited. Meh, Kings of Leon (they got too big and now I'm a bytch about it).  LOOK at this lineup. So amazing.

Empire of the sun.
Arcade Fire.
Black Keys.
Cut Copy
The Presets.
Crystal Castles

WOW! Bands I have on this blog playlist.

The big hype is DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979. Everyone is freaking out about this one.

I'm attending these 3 days with my cools from L.A. Tommy, who is my myspace friend turned best friend ever, and he is rounding up the gang. It's going to be church. And I'm bringing the holy water in my new flask.

I say this in the name of the father (James Brown)

P.S Chromeo, I'm gonna come find you and annoy the shit out of you two, again!

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