Thursday, January 20, 2011


Today, I turned on the TV in my room for the first time in months. I very rarely watch TV these days, with the exception of the movies that Ej will pop in,  that I watch with him. I got 10 minutes of the View in, and then All My Children came on. Watching 5 little minutes of this show gave me the flashback of staying home "sick" from school and having nothing to do but to watch this melodramatic shows with okay acting and sex scenes that back then I thought were sooo naughty. Not to mention content and dialogue that I couldn't keep up with as a 12 year old. But I still watched, as if I knew or cared why Erica Kane was always crying. There I was on my Moms bed, faking a cough and eating this far fetched shit up.

I'm convinced you could stop watching for 10 years and the plot picks right up where you left off. I had to turn it off. It was too much for me. There's something about watching TV during the day that makes you think that there's other things you should be blogging about it.

Sorry Erica, I got my own set of melodramatic moments to deal with. And you're how old and the drama hasn't stopped? Should't you be retired somewhere sunny, sippin' on Gin & Juice? Laid back?

*In 1973, Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) makes the decision to have an abortion, which becomes the first legal abortion aired on American television.

A little All My Children fact.
 I did some research.
Who knew Erika Kane was such a revolutionary.
A natural born Hussy.
 And to think I thought Brenda Walsh was such a bad ass.

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