Wednesday, February 16, 2011

LCD Soundsystem

The rumor is true. James Murphy has called it dunzo. Retiring as the bands frontman. He has decided to put his all into his record label, DFA. Great for him. Crap for the fans (ME).

I first heard these guys in 2005, when they came out with their first album. It was their second album -Sound Of Silver that I put a crown on them, and made it my theme album of my summer of 2007.  Ever since then they have been in my top and will continue to be. The band will most likely continue without Murphy and under a different name. I will still listen, but will never forget the memories his voice created as I jammed out while applying my fake lashes and blasting in my car as I took the fast road to god knows where.

Don't worry bout it, I'm working on getting out for their last show on April 2, in Madison Square Garden. I've already sent out the text to my Kate  in New York with the master plan. I mean business.

LCD Soundsystem Fo' Life!

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