Saturday, February 19, 2011


Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that the Russian and I made up? We are weirdos. What do you do? I mean, I think we will get to the point (someday) when we won't have these little break ups. Not even hate is strong enough to keep the weirdos apart.


But for real, we kinda get each other more often then we don't. 


  1. Позвольте мне заверить вас, что они не всегда возвращаются. По крайней мере, не этот. Некоторые элементы могут быть переработаны. Этот парень не один из них.
    Мальчики возвращаются. Мужчины уходят.

  2. Not sure what this means. I did translate it and thank you for your input. Phil and I are friends. There is no harm in that. Where did the men go? I have yet to have found one worth keeping ;) Stooooopid!!!!!

    The fact that you visited my blog and felt compelled to leave a comment is an indication that you've come back ;) Stooooopid!!!

    And for the record why would I want to keep a guy around that is too much of a coward that he has to leave a comment anonymous and in Russian? MEN have balls.

    You should get some!!!!

    P.S Я люблю большие хуи, глупо