Sunday, February 20, 2011

I'm Bringing 2006 Back.

Tonight I had one of those nights where I'm going to bed in the same PJ's that I woke up in. I cleaned and read and slept and then when it was time to get ready for work, I gave my shifts away. When I had the night free and had invitations to go out, I passed on the invites. I'm tired, Man. Burned out, Man. Sick of putting on make up and curling my weave, MAN!  I Just needed a day to do nothing but rest.

What I did do, was watch 3 movies in a row (I don't remember the last time I did that. I think I was in high school) and ate so much junk food that I can literally feel my ass growing as we speak.

I have owned the movie Alpha Dog for years now, and actually passed up a chance to see this film when it premiered up at Sundance yeeeeears ago. I finally unwrapped the damn thing and watched it. Holy good movie. I never expected that it was going to make me cry like it did at the end. And I never thought that I was going to develop a perverted crush on J.T.  Let's face it, the guy out grew that ugly curly hair and became sexy. He brought sexy back (Sorry, I couldn't help myself with that one).

I will add that I did get to party with the boy banders in Vegas at the time when he was dating Spears. I ended up in their table at this private party thinking to myself "I don't belong here", and the best part was when J.T and I got introduced and we awkwardly locked eyes. I may have wanted that to last a little more then he was willing to give in awkwardness. In other words, I scared him. I was there with one of the other boy bandnders.....

........This made me remember that I did like pop music at one point. I think Justin's album Future Sex / LoveSounds was excellent. This album reminds me of the time I was doing L.A back and forth. Going to Deluxe and getting in the car and blasting this album, as we drove to a house party. Getting up the next day and heading to the Roosevelt for pool time. I had more of a social life in L.A then I did here in Salt Lake in 2006. Those were good times. Those were the good old MySpace days. I still have so many great friends in La La Land I don't see often enough these days.

Let's show off those years. 

This is proof that at one point I was doing things on a Saturday night other than watching movies and blogging about the fact that J.T made me remember how fabulous my mid 20's were. Hell, my whole life has been pretty damn ok. I'm just charging the battery for the next run.

*Maybe I'll write about my boy band hook up someday. I'm not ready to come clean with it all yet. If I give it all away, then what will I have left for my book.

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